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Confused by the complexities of GRANT funding?
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Welcome to MoveWrite

We are a company that helps people innovate and secure grant funding. More specifically we help people innovate with the use of the significant amount of grant funds and public funds that are available to support innovation.

Billions are spent each year in the research, development and innovation landscape, however, the difficulty is matching your needs with the requirements and expectations of the funding body in order to secure grant funding.

MoveWrite is your guide in this innovation landscape.

Simplified grant funding

Confused by the complexities of

Grant Funding?

Obtaining funding is complex, risky and time consuming. Applications need the right strategy with a comprehensive level of detail and, due to the inherent competitive nature of the process, there is no guarantee of securing funding.

There are lot of funding bodies and types of competition formats so it is critically important to understand a funds specific remit and place with a larger picture of innovation funding. Understanding this context is key – funding success is wholly dependent on understanding the funding bodies motivation and providing them with a project that fits their remit.

Due to many years of experience of this process MoveWrite have developed a simplified funding map, our unique service is to guide you through this complex landscape and ensure you obtain funding and project to suit your objectives.

Our Simplified Funding Map is always the starting point with MoveWrite; together we can determine where you are on the map and then develop a specific route to guide you to your project objectives.



Working with us

Grant Funding Philosophy

When applying for funding it is hugely important to understand why you’re applying for funding. You have to understand this yourself or else you can’t justify the need for  funding to the funding body!

Applicants need a Grant Funding Philosophy & Rational – MoveWrite will work with you to ensure that you have this in place to boost your chances of success. This funding philosophy goes beyond the application and securing the funding; the basis of why you are applying for funding runs to the very core of the project, the right funding philosophy will also ensure the subsequent project is a success.

It’s vital that you are able to understand your business today, the barriers you face and how the grant funding will help you realise your future ambitions.




From Our Founder

Who is Nigel Lambert?

Movewrite’s founder is, Nigel Lambert, a Physicist/Engineer and he’s passionate about new ideas, innovation and developing new concepts. Since early childhood he always wanted to know how things work and how he could make them better or better suited for a new use.

Nigel is really interested in collaboration for R&D and innovation…

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