Nigel Lambert
Movewrite’s founder is, Nigel Lambert, a Physicist/Engineer and he’s passionate about new ideas, innovation and developing new concepts. Since early childhood he always wanted to know how things work and how he could make them better or better suited for a new use.
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We have consulted on, co-written or written a considerable number of successful grants for publically funded projects to develop innovative new technologies and products.


Cardiovascular Devices Hub; cardiovascular device & therapeutic innovation for London, ESIF Priority Axis 1 Promoting Research and Innovation (OC23R15P 0162), Application ref 23R15S00356, awarded March 2017, budget = £6.1 Million pounds


Clinical development and proof of principle testing of new regenerative VEGF-D therapy for cost-effective treatment of refractory angina A phase II randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study, Horizon 2020 project reference 731532, awarded August 2016, budget = 5.93 Million Euro


Next generation machine learning & VR solutions for document analysis, classification and knowledge extraction, Innovate UK Emerging and enabling round 3, Ref number 6359, awarded January 2018,
budget = £96,249


Female cancer prediction using cervical omics to individualise screening and prevention, Horizon 2020 project reference SEP-210177059, awarded January 2015,
budget = 7.99 Million Euro


Repatriation and re-engineering of supply chain for intelligent road studs to drive unit cost reduction via novel dual resin encapsulation, solar PV and LED redesign – RGF AMSCI Grant ref 30933-233166, funded in December 2013,
budget = £3.96 Million pounds


Innovate UK Connected and Autonomous Vehicles 2 – Stream 1, Innovate UK ref 83209-528131, awarded March 2017,
budget = £23.0 Million pounds

Proven Success

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Nigel Lambert
Nigel Lambert


Nigel is really interested in collaboration for R&D and innovation. In his experience new ideas and innovations are increasingly only at the interface of competences and between partners so the need to collaborate is ever greater in teams and complex projects.

The role of collaboration and the funding for collaboration is hugely important so a large part of his career is spent in this world. For well over a decade now his career has been devoted to the innovation process and the realisation of new technologies, predominantly in the consumer electronics, medical, biotechnology, diagnostic, renewable energy & ICT sector.
Physicist educated to post graduate level at Warwick University.

After University he worked for internationally recognised companies – Sharp and Philips in a research and development capacity in display technologies (cathode ray tube and liquid crystal display technology). Due to a concern about the long term viability of the production of display technologies in UK he decided to move to the healthcare sector.

He ran the engineering function of a VC backed start up in-vitro diagnostics company called Kalibrant. Sadly this company didn’t survive so he moved to the international Innovation and consultancy company called Pera. Whilst at Pera he ran a healthcare focused department of scientists and engineers developing a number of healthcare related technologies.

In 2008 he fulfilled an ambition of starting his own company and created MoveWrite Limited with a simple message – to simplify and assist clients with their innovation ambitions. His time at MoveWrite is split with some collaborating partners; he also works for Euram Limited and Innovate UK providing funding and innovation related consultancy services.

Due to his role to date, he’s been in contact with over a thousand companies and universities across Europe and the world. Past clients/partners include AstraZeneca, AB, BD, Biocompatibles, Boston Scientific, Coloplast, Depuy, GE Healthcare, GSK, Gyrus, ArjoHuntleigh, Johnson & Johnson, Sorin, Smith & Nephew, Department of Health, the NHS and BIS.

He has also developed a significant network within leading European universities that includes University College London, Oxford, Cambridge, Southampton, Imperial College London, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, and IRCCS Foundation Policlinico San Matteo, Pavia, Italy.

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